Members monthly meeting take place in CBS Swords at 8p.m.
Unless otherwise stated.

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An overview of the season to date. (January 2018)

We are starting into another beekeeping year. The bees had generally over-wintered 2016-2017 well with strong colonies after record flows, in most places, from the autumn ivy. Winter losses (per COLOSS returns) dropped to 11 per cent, from 16 per cent in the previous winter. Colonies built up well, although there were cold periods at times, and swarm activity was about average. The oil seed rape yielded well and later in the summer good flows were reported from white clover and bramble, although lack of rain probably reduced honey crops.
       At the end of 2017 the flow from the ivy is generally looking good and should boost the population of winter bees, so necessary to ensure a good build-up in the spring 2018.

Monthly Meetings
Fingal North Dublin Beekeepers Association usually meet at 8.00p.m. in the Christian Brothers schools Swords on the first Thursday of each month.
(see list below) Map  to get to the Christian Brothers School in Swords.

April 2018
On Saturday 14th and Saturday 21stApril beginners first look inside a live hive at the associations apiary in Kinsealy. Weather permitting ! !?
Beginners who intend attending should refer to the handouts given in the class for details.

May 2018
Thursday 3rd May 2018
Members’ Beekeeping night. Members will be able to raise their beekeeping problems and relate their beekeeping experiences. As this is normally the start of the swarming season some time will be spent discussing swarm management. To facilitate beginners who are just starting-up, there will be a demonstration of hive and frame assembly. There will also be an opportunity to discuss winter colony losses and to complete the 2017/2018 COLOSS returns.

June 2018
Thursday 7th June 2018
A talk to be announced.

July 2018

August 2018
The Annual Beekeeping Summer Conference will take place in Gormanston from 12th to 17th August 2018, further details Please visit The Federation of Irish beekeepers  web site for information on the course.


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On the Saturday 14th April 2018, beginners first look inside a live hive at the associations apiary in Kinsealy.

Events for Future Reference

Fingal North Dublin Beekeeper's Association (FNDBA) run a popular beginners beekeeping course once a year during February and March. The 2018 course is oversubscribed and is now closed. There are limited places available (our volunteers give freely of their time to support) unfortunately we cannot accept further expressions of interest for the next course.

This is the only beginners course run by FNDBA.

Please visit The Federation of Irish beekeepers  web site for information on courses offered by other associations.

FNDBA also hold regular monthly meetings which anyone interested in beekeeping are always welcome to attend. (see Events page).
For any querys please contact:- Ms. Paula Butler.  

Following the well-attended demonstration in the Association apiary last year, it is planned to run a workshop (as usual weather permitting) for all members on raising Queens from an 'artificial swarm' (taking out a Nuc with queen) and raising ripe queen cells for introduction to Apideas.
This is a skill that all of our members should be able to master.

A good way for beginners to improve their honey extraction and preparation skills is to attend and exhibit at honey shows. This is a enjoyable way of gaining a lot of worthwhile experience.

Our Association has a library with a wide selection of books. The library books are available for loan to members at each monthly meeting, a full listing is available from the librarian, at
Members who have an outstanding book should return it to the librarian,

The membership subscriptions for 2018, was due on the 1st November 2017.
The membership subscription covers the period from the 1st November to 31st October each year, which includes your insurance premium, affiliation fee to the Federation of Irish Beekeepers Association and your monthly subscription to An Beachaire, for the same period.
Fingal North Dublin Beekeepers Association Membership fee for 2018 :- €65.00, fee for additional family member €30.00 per member.
Cheques should be made payable to Fingal North Dublin Beekeepers Association. Please note that a member’s insurance is only effective from the time payment is made and receipt given, and late payment will result in some of the issues of An Beachaire for 2017/18 not being posted.

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