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Information for Members

This page is for the members of Fingal North Dublin Beekeepers' Association (FNDBA) as a guide and reference for the beekeeper.

Anyone interested in learning to keep bees are recommended to first attend the five week beekeeping course, and you will discover if beekeeping is for you. The course usually takes place during February and March each year. (check the events page)

The course is offered to those who may have had some previous experience with keeping bees and also those with no previous experience whatsoever.

It is recommended not to buy any equipment until after you have attended the beekeeping course, there will be plenty of time later.

During this course Mentors are assigned to each beginner and every effort is made to provide each beginner with a colony of bees, by the end of that season.

Visits to the associations apiary with the more experienced beekeepers form a vital part of the course. This gives inexperienced beekeepers and those who are complete beginners first hand, up close experience of veteran beekeepers in action. The instruction continues during the Summer months with outdoor demonstrations in the associations apiary and in members apiaries on specialised aspects of beekeeping like queen rearing. Those interested in attending the outdoor demonstrations need to keep an eye on the events page but even so the weather can be a last minute problem.

Beginner will have to purchase their own hive, beesuit, smoker, and essential equipment. During the course there will be recommendations and demonstrations on how to handle and assemble the equipment correctly.


The following documents are intended for members use.

The Warre Hive a diiferent approach to beekeeping
notes from the talk on the 4th September 2014.

Mentoring Guidelines                    Provision of Bees

Varroa Mite                                      useful Addresses


Hive Record Sheet
(Make sure your printer page size is set to A4)

Four Seasonal Notes

Finding & Marking / Clipping the Queen

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