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Fingal has a long association with honeybees. It is reputed that beekeeping was introduced to Ireland by a seventh century monk, St. Molaga who built a church, Lann Beachaire (the church of the beekeeper) near Balbriggan.

There is an arch in the adjacent Bremore Castle dating from 1689 depicting a monk holding a bell or a skep and bees flying towards it.

Bremore Castle arch
Bremore Castle arch (photo copyright John McMullan)
Bremore castle arch detail
Close up of Bremore Castle arch showing monk with skep (photo copyright John McMullan)

Fingal North Dublin Beekeepers' Association was founded in 1977 with the aim of “encouraging beekeeping in every way possible and mutual assistance among its members”. Membership has grown steadily over the years, 40 in 2000 to over 160 in 2023, putting it among the top four in Ireland.

The beginners’ course in early spring is well attended and every effort is made to provide the new members with an experienced beekeeping mentor during their first year. Monthly meetings that include talks and demonstrations are held throughout most of the year, and regular beekeeping skills training is held in the Association apiary.

We also visit schools and attend public events to increase awareness of honeybees and their role in pollination.

The Association plays an active role in conserving the native black honeybee in the area, which is under threat from imported foreign strains and hybrid bees. We have designated our area a Voluntary Conservation Area for the native bee, Apis mellifera mellifera, a strain that has been in Ireland since the last ice age and which is specifically adapted to Irish condition.

2023/ 2024 FNDBA Committee

In accordance with our constitution, at our AGM on Thursday 5th October 2023 the following members were elected for the 2023/2024 year.

ChairpersonPaul Keane
Vice ChairpersonVacant
Hon. Secretary / Member CommunicationBronwen Maher
Hon. TreasurerKevin Proctor
Beginners Course AdministrationGraham Parkes
Committee MembersDavid Allcutt
Emma Finn
Michael Kelly
John Lawlor
Mick Moyna
Graham Parkes
AuditorsGill Molyneux
Vincent O’Sullivan

Here is a copy of the association constitution.

Fingal North Dublin Beekeepers' Association

Nurturing the age-old craft of beekeeping through improved knowledge of bees and collaboration between members
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